Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sarats has begun, so many "tarats", but no tree yet!

While I haven't found a tree worthy of Rantwick's Sarats, yet, having a bit of downtime on hand, I am intrigued by the naming convention (as you can see from the Table A below).

I have made last year, year 0, the base.

Here are mundane observations...
  • It is entirely possible that there will be 21 consecutive years, each called TARATS! 
    • Of these, the first year and the eleventh year will be prime number years (2019, 2039).
  • The twenty years following year 39, will be all Farats!
And, of course, there are more interesting facts about this naming convention as well...

Turrets and Ferrets? :)

Can you tell I am off work? :)

 Table A
Year Name Counter
first farats 0
second sarats 1
third tarats 2
fourth farats 3
fifth farats 4
sixth sarats 5
seventh sarats 6
eighth earats 7
ninth narats 8
tenth tarats 9
eleventh earats 10
twelfth tarats 11
thirteenth tarats 12
fourteenth farats 13
fifteenth farats 14
sixteenth sarats 15
seventeenth sarats 16
eighteenth earats 17
nineteenth narats 18
twentieth tarats 19
twenty-firsttarats 20
twenty-second tarats 21
twenty thirdtarats 22
twenty fourth tarats 23
twenty-fifthtarats 24
twenty-sixth tarats 25
twenty-seventh tarats 26
twenty-eighth tarats 27
twenty-ninth tarats 28
thirtieth tarats 29
thir… tarats 30
thir… tarats 31
thir… tarats 32
thir… tarats 33
thir… tarats 34
thir… tarats 35
thir… tarats 36
thir… tarats 37
thir… tarats 38
thir… tarats 39
fortieth farats 40

Peace :)

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