Thursday, November 3, 2011

DART Vader - Part Deux

As promised in my last post, I called DART first thing on Monday morning and filed a formal complaint reg. DART Vader. I was asked several questions, including:
  1. A description of the incident
  2. The location of the incident
  3. Time of the incident
  4. Route # of the DART bus
  5. Bus # of the bus DART Vader operating
I provided the operator all of the above except #5, the existence of which I did not know about until PM pointed it out to me. However, as I strongly suspected, DART were able to identify the driver based on the location, route number and the time of the incident.

I was told that a the incident would be reported to the particular region to which the driver belonged (depending on the route #) and that the CSR (Customer Service Representative) would call me back on/before Nov. 14th regarding the outcome of the investigation. However, the CSR went on to add that I may not be let know the actual disciplinary action taken against the operator by the CSR and that I would have to contact the Legal Department, if I needed that information. I was provided a reference number.

I wasn't expecting a callback from DART until next week or so, but surprisingly enough, I got a call back from DART today. I was informed that:
  1. Corrective action has been taken by DART
  2. The operator has been "advised" that his/her behavior was unacceptable and that it will not be tolerated
  3. A Field Supervisor has been assigned to the case and this Field Supervisor will ride on the bus to make sure that the operator behaves like he/she is supposed to behave
  4. Mystery Riders may also be added to the bus(es) that the operator drives
  5. It has been made clear to the operator that any such a behavior in the future will be dealt with very strict disciplinary action
Well, folks - I was happy to hear that than nothing at all from DART. Assuming DART told me the truth, they are possibly doing the right thing. At least, it is a step in the right direction.

The most amusing thing I learned from DART is that DART Vader is a female. Actually, for some weird, possibly irrational reason, it bugs me...

Paz :)

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