Friday, January 6, 2012

Different kinda ride!

I managed to squeeze in a short ride on Friday evening. I took the Thorn Nomad MK II out for a ride. My initial thought was to hit the paved trail and ride about 10 miles.But, I ended up riding the unpaved, construction vehicle route adjacent to the new section of the Campion Trail.

The truck route is on an incline along the trail. I rode up the incline and it was challenging, particularly given the earth was a bit soft. And, yes, that little shadow you see is me :)
Here is a better view of the incline.
Now, I am up on the incline. I can ride close to 4 miles on this incline, as I came to find out during today's ride.
One needs the right tool for the right job! A cross bike (or the Americano) will work as well. But fat tire bike with low tire pressure is comfy on the incline, with loose gravel.
You can see the paved path, extension of the Camption, beyond the bike, in the distance.
In some parts, riding the incline is trickier, at least for me.
The incline goes past the Bride Not Too Far, all the way to MacArthur and Beltline. But that's where it ends, at least for the time being. I hear of plans to connect this to trails in Coppell.
BNTF in the background. It is quite lovely here at sunset. It is very picturesque!
Another view of the incline from the little path along the canal in Valley Ranch.
If you are in Irving, I highly recommend riding the incline. I am not certain how long it will be around. I expect they will eventually build some kinda path over it. But, while it lasts, it provides a different kinda riding experience to some!

Paz :)

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