Monday, January 30, 2012

It IS my cup of tea!

Two Saturdays ag, I rode the Americano around DFW, on one of my 25 mile routes, again. Below are some photos from the ride.

I did three things differently on this trip.

1. I listened to music on my iPhone, as I ran out of juice on my Sansa Clip+. My bad: I didn't charge the Sansa!

2. As it wasn't totally toasty out, I carried some Masala Chai with me. It was refreshing to drink it during a break. This was the second thing that I did differently. Usually, I only drink water if the distance is short, unless the purpose of the ride is to go to a cup of java.
3. The third thing I did differently was that I pushed myself to go faster. I seldom do it on my weekend rides, as I feel it takes the fun away. But, on this particular day, I managed to shave off roughly 33% from the usual ride time for this particular route. In a way, it felt good to know that I wasn't completely out of shape.

I am not sure going faster is my forte, but riding my bicycle IS my cuppa tea :)

Have a Great Week!

Paz :)

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