Monday, January 2, 2012

New Harmony, Indiana - A photo essay!

While on vacation in Indiana, over Christmas, we visited the historic town of New Harmony. This was one of the highlights of my vacation. It was nice to meet our friends in New Harmony and make some new friends. I had a blast!

New Harmony is a great town with a lot of history and lots of great people. There is so much more to New Harmony than I can tell you. You can read about New Harmony here

Below is an assortment of photos from New Harmony. The captions tell it all, for the most part :)

This was my first stop in New Harmony - The Yellow Cafe and Bar. Very laid back, I loved it!
Next stop, the Coffee Shop! 
I didn't buy any coffee here, but we had a great conversation with the owner.
Sometimes, I need a large cup of coffee :)
Antique Schwinn outside the Antiques Store!
Inside the Gallery, an interesting piece of art!
More from the Gallery...
More from the Gallery --- Is my Hawaiian reader looking at these? :)
Catholic Church in New Harmony?
Outside the Roofless Church!
Statue outside the Roofless Church!
Another view of the Roofless Church's compound with the Wabash River in the background!

The Roofless Church was designed by Phillip Johnson, who was also the architect for the Water Garden in Ft. Worth.

A quick peek at the Roofless from outside the gates!
Finally, the famous Roofless! So, calming!
Inside the Roofless!
Looking at the "ceiling" of the Roofless Church!
Down the road from the Roofless, looking at the Atheneum!
Trees at Tillich Park
Trees at Tillich Park
Trees at Tillich Park. I could spend hours at this park, with a book or my journal!

One of the several historic cabins built by the settlers.

Circa 1819-1822 and still standing!
The infamous Atheneum - A must see!

Interesting quote # 1
Sarah's - A delightful place for refreshments!
Beautiful older building in New Harmony!
A lovely cabin that caught my eye.

More Gorgeous houses!

My friend's Peugeot bicycle. It had the same kinda fenders as Steve's. Blumels!
Black Kitty famous even in New Harmony!
Interesting quote # 1. This resonated very well with me.
I would love to go back to New Harmony again :) Hopefully, some day soon!!

Paz :)

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