Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: Buff Headgear

I bought a wool buff and a couple of classic buffs this fall. Since then, the buffs have pretty much replaced my headbands (which I use on warmer days and during Table Tennis) and my "lost" Outdoor Research balaclava (which I use on colder days). On very cold and windy days, I use a combination of the the wool buff and the heavier-duty balaclava I have.

Here is my secret to layering. Layer one: Wool buff!

Ask anyone from colder climates and they will tell you it is best to layer clothing. I think the same is true for winter headgear as well. Layers keep you warmer!

Layer 2: Balaclava on top of the wool buff!
With the helmet on, I am ready to rock and roll!
Buffs can be used in different configurations around one's head and neck. I have so far found them extremely useful.

Here are some benefits:
  1. Keep one's head warm during cold days
  2. Use as a sweat band
  3. Use as a head cover, more like a bandana
  4. Use as a scarf around the neck
  5. Use as a hairband, if you have a ponytail
  6. Buff is great for all seasons
Buffs come in plain colors and attractive designs. I have one with drawings of bicycles on it. Need I say more?

Here is a picture of my other buff! Worn on the way to the Cycling Savvy class this summer.
Hope you are having a good week!

Paz :) 

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