Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shopping on Brahma!

I didn't buy up boat loads of stuff for Christmas. I have no interest in it, really. But I did buy a shirt for a photo-op at work, which I never used. So, after Christmas, it was time to take the shirt, which I didn't need, back to the store. Believe me, I was so glad I drove my bike and not my car. The parking lot was full! And, it doesn't make a lot of sense to drive my car to this particular store, as it is less than 3 miles from my home. I have never taken my Brompton into a clothing store before. Well, I can't say that no more, can I?
After returning the merchandise at the clothing store, I had to go to the beauty supply store, to get some supplies for my lovely wife. This requires crossing the monstrous highway 635, pictured below. I crossed the highway via the bridge near the Home Depot near my home. However, the highway on-ramp starts at the foot of the bridge. So, it was a bit tricky to ride through there, but nothing a confident and careful cyclist could not manage.
Another view of the monstrous 635! My wife calls this the Death Highway. People do drive like nuts on this highway.
After the on-ramp, one can continue on the Service Road, all the way to MacArthur Boulevard, another arterial road in my city. A very congested road! I try to avoid MacArthur simply because it takes the fun out of riding.
After taking care of business at the beauty supply store, I went on to check out the beauty of the Campion Trail. It was a great day to ride, clear blue skies, warmer temperature, and all.
It is always so much fun to ride and enjoy nature!
Hope you're having a great time riding!

Paz :)

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