Monday, March 26, 2012

Yikes - It is Knee Pain Time :(

I took a week off from driving my bike to work due to knee pain. I had this sort of pain back in 2009 and I had to go to Physical Therapy to get rid of it. And now, it is back again. However, this time, I can't quite tell if it is improper saddle height or age related deterioration of knees. To avoid taking any medicines that might give me the ulcers or other worse problems, I have been taking Boswellia and icing my knee after each ride. In addition, I have been extra careful not to strain too much and take it easy when I ride. I have been spinning more and grinding less, shall we say?

The Bluebonnets have sprung all over the place. I tried taking a snap two weeks back, but the the picture didn't turnout well, because of camera shake. So, during my morning commute, I tried again to take a photo of the Bluebonnets. I had some luck.
I need some R&R and I hope to get a few days off, hopefully soon.

Hope all is well with y'all!

Paz :)

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