Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Brompton in Paris

I am back from my R&R and feeling very good. My knee pain has subsided and I am able to ride. Yay!

Last month, I was away on vacation in France. I spent a lot of time in Paris. What a lovely place!
I took a boat load of pictures in Paris. I am posting a majority of them on my other blogs.

Here is one that's appropriate for this blog.
I did not see a lot of Bromptons in Paris. I may have seen 3-4 during the time I stayed there. Part of me wished I had taken my Brompton to Paris. But, I walked a lot and that made me burn enough calories, so I can whatever I wanted.

I cycled a bit in Paris. There will be a post about that sometime soon, on one of my blogs.

Oh, by the way, did you know my other blogs? Click on the photos below and they will take you right to my blogs.

How is cycling in your neck of the woods? Will you care to tell me about it through a comment of through a post on your blog? :)

Paz :)

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