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Cafe Ginger: A Must for a Vegetarian in Paris!

As mentioned in the last post, we went on vacation to Paris, France. While a few of my colleagues tried to convince me that there would be no good vegetarian food in Paris, I didn't believe it. In fact, I ate only vegetarian food while in Paris.

Another incorrect belief: The French don't like Americans. This is so not true! We were treated so nicely by every place in France. We found some French citizens that went out of their way to help us. Mind you:  we don't speak a lot of French! There are nice people all over the world. And, did I mention that I believe in paying' it forward?s

The best place we ate at in Paris was Cafe Ginger. The food was phenomenal and the ambience was nothing short of casual yet elegant.

For those who may want to get the address right away, without having to read the rest of this post, Cafe Ginger is located at:
9 Rue Jacques Coeur
Paris, France 75004

Cafe Ginger is owned and operated by Edward and Daniela, two fantastic people. Over and above the really great vegetarian/vegan food, the owners are yet another reason to frequent Cafe Ginger. They are really pleasant and they make you feel at home.

In fact, it was at Cafe Ginger that I first came across Gosmaio, which I posted about recently. Of course, Cafe Ginger's version was tastier than mine, but I am working on perfecting mine as well.

Cafe Ginger serves a formula for lunch and dinner. You can also order items ala carte. The prices are very reasonable and the portions are very filling.

 Most dishes, if not all, are made from scratch at Cafe Ginger. Here you can see Edward preparing one such a delicious dish!
We ate three times at Cafe Ginger during our stay in Paris. We wish we could have done it more than three times, really.

The first meal we had consisted of a really tasty Moroccan Red Lentil soup. The bread served with it is made by Cafe Ginger and it was crispy and very tasty as well. Gosmaio made a great accompaniment to the Red Lentil soup.
 Here is a close-up of the Red Lentil soup.

The next course consisted of steamed buckwheat, curried leeks - zucchini, Célérité, a beet salad, a greens and sprouts salad, and a wonderful tasting corn pie with mushrooms and caramelized onions. Did I mention the house ketchup was tangy, spicy and made my mouth water?

Pictured below is our second meal. One major change was the Zucchini pie. The fennel served with the meal added a very nice fragrant dimension which made the meal super special.
Meal # 3: Exquisite Carrot and red cabbage salad, served with Quinoa with kasha, Célérité, green olives, curried veggies, bread and salad with sprouts. The first course was the ever tasty Sour de jour - Lentils, Moroccan!
 My wife ordered the Potato pie with her meal. While it is not pictured here, the Shepherd's Pie at Cafe Ginger is also very tasty.
The pies at Cafe Ginger were made with a crust that had the same consistency of a Chapati. The crust was not greasy and oily. The pies were perfect!

We were very comfortable there. The owners spoke excellent French, but they were also accommodating of those who didn't speak any French. All our conversations, perhaps with the exception of pleasantries, were in English.

The ambience at Cafe Ginger reminded me of my own home. The restaurant was not stuffy, like some other ones we went to, while in Paris.
 Clean, functional and nicely equipped kitchen!
For a Boisson, you had quite a few choices at Cafe Ginger. My wife got the Macha Tea.
This was real tea: none of that unidentifiable stuff!
A close-up of the tea leaves!
 I am not a big fan of tea, all the time. I ordered un cafe! Precise!!

If you look closely, you will see the coffee is served in good quality China!

Cafe Ginger satisfied your sweet tooth as well. We did not have any desserts at Cafe Ginger, but I would bet they are awesome, just like the rest of the stuff there.
For those who wanted Chocolat, there was plenty!

Decoration or real? I am actually not certain. But looks great either way!
 An extensive collection of exotic teas awaits you at Cafe Ginger.
Who's that pretty woman? :)
Edward was kind enough to let us check out the latest edition of Paris Vegetarien. While the magazine listed other vegetarian restaurants, we really didn't need to go any place else. Cafe Ginger was it for us!
 Cafe Ginger was a very clean restaurant. This was extremely important for us. The place was tastefully decorated.
 Even the bathroom sink was unique and pretty!
 Quaker: Whoda thunked?
Another nice decoration! By the way, for those who are allergic to gluten, there are gluten-free options available.
 we found some interesting books on display at Cafe Ginger. Might check these out at the library.
 More books!
 Nice paintings on the wall!

Another view of the dining area.

If you are a sensitive vegetarian like me, please note that Cafe Ginger respects the vegetarian way of life and supports it.
 Bio = Organic, I think!
 Outside Cafe Ginger: One of the few places where there wasn't cigarette smoke :)
If your travels takes you to Paris and you are a vegetarian like me, I would strongly recommend Cafe Ginger to you.

It is a lovely place. Hope you get to enjoy it as much as we did!

Bon appétit :)

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