Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Creative Spamming

As you may have noticed as well, my dear readers, Spammers are getting creative these days and are leaving comments on blogs, in a manner that is least suspicious to the SPAM detector.

One such a comment I received on my last post was:

Maybe the tornado sirens kept the cars off the road? Or is your route normally so deserted? I've never ridden during a tornado warning, but I have been caught out on my bike in torrential rain and thunderstorms more times than I can count! on Storm Chasing on my bike
The comment in itself looks like a normal comment, but the catch was that it was from a commercial entity; in fact, from a folding bicycle seller, who had included a link to his/her website, as a part of the comment. Not surprisingly, I have received such comments from a "big name/brand food multinational manufacturer" on VegetarianCyclist.

So, these days, I am more cautious and diligent about comment moderation, than ever. I am hopeful that I did not inadvertently miss your comments in so doing.
Well, here is my take on it: If you want me to advertise for you, be willing to compensate me for my time; send me your product that I can test and write a post about. 
But you ain't gettin' it free! Tough turkey, ya know?

Paz :)

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