Monday, June 18, 2012

Here for a visit or here for the long haul?

Last week, I picked-up a Dahon Boardwalk from my friend Sho. It is a pretty good bike, with very little to fuss around with. It is a single-speed bike with coaster brakes. No derailleurs, cables, etc to fuss with.
I have only ridden it around the block a few times so far. So far, so good. I still need to get the mudguards and the rack from Mr. Sho and make the bike more practical.

I originally bought this bike from Mr. Sho, for a friend of mine, who has decided it is not the bike for him. So, now I have 1 more folder. I may use this bike as the bike to get the Table Tennis club. Since moving to a new venue this year, I can not take my bicycle into the gym, whether or not it is a folder. I don't feel like taking my nicer bikes to the gym and locking them to the bike rack outside. So, I have been taking Meera to Table Tennis. Well, that's one place I can use the Dahon for. On the other hand, as I already have two other folders, Brahma and Meera, I am not sure if I will keep this bike for long. I may flip it, just so I can have more room in my workshop.

The Boardwalk is Shaggy Approved (SA), of course!
What's new with you?

Paz :)

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