Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Meera Minus Basket

Since I met Meera, my Raleigh Twenty, a few years ago, she has always been adorned with a milk-crate basket on the rear rack. I use Meera to go to the grocery store and to the Table Tennis club, about 2x a week.

You will seldom see Meera minus the basket, unlike in the photo below.

A couple of weekends ago, I took the basket off Meera, so that I can raise the seat-post when I loaned her to a friend of mine, who went on a ride with me. This friend is much taller than I, which meant that I had to raise the seat-post. The basket on Meera was attached to the springs on the Brooks saddle and then onto the rear rack, which meant I could not raise the seat without "severing the ties". So, I removed the basket before raising the seat.

I don't have any clamps or something fancy to attach the basket onto Meera's rear rack. I simply use zipties to get the job done. So, removing the basket requires cutting the zipties; by the same token, putting the basket back on Meera requires use of zipties to tie the basket to Meera's rear rack.

I have been thinking real hard about this dilemma :) May be I will use something like a bungee cord or pieces of a rope to tie the milk-crate down. Why waste a good ziptie, ya know? :)

BTW, here in Dallas, Texas, it is toasty. Hotter than curry! 100+ temps, over the last few days. I know it is only gonna get hotter in July and August. I don't like the intense heat. I am riding in moderation.

That's all for now.

Paz :)

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