Thursday, June 21, 2012

PSA: Teach'em Young and Keep'em Alive

Where I live, some kids ride their bikes to school and some ride their bikes to the recreation center; to play Tennis, Basketball, etc. That's great.

I love the idea of kids being active, instead of spending time with a video game and having an imaginary conversation with their friends, Mr. Potato Chips and soda.

When it comes to kids riding bicycles, there are three things that I don't like:

  1. Riding on the sidewalk
  2. Riding without a helmet
  3. Riding with a huge bag hanging from their shoulders (can make one lose balance easily)

I strongly believe that #1 in the list above is extremely dangerous to anyone. In getting from point A on the sidewalk, to just past the stop sign, one may run into many dangers: some of those parked cars could suddenly start and make a right turn - they may run right into the sidewalk rider. There are other dangers as well.

Please note: Bicycling itself is NOT a risky endeavor; but unsafe riding practices can be dangerous.

Can we as parents teach children to ride safely? Shouldn't this be a priority?

We want our children to graduate from Harvard and Yale; become doctors, engineers, mathematicians, statisticians, and scientists. That's awesome and fantastic and all that good stuff.

But shouldn't we also make sure that they get to such greatness, by staying alive?

Shouldn't we teach our children how to ride their bicycles safely?

When are we going to start that?

If you are in the DFW neighborhood, please note that BikeDFW and other organizations offer Bicycle Safety courses. Please consider one of them for yourself and your loved ones.

Paz :)

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