Saturday, June 16, 2012

Storm Chasing on my bike

Last Wednesday, it stormed like nuts in DFW. After work, when I was just fixin' to leave, I heard the Tornado sirens go off. For a minute I hesitated. Along came a coworker who tried to talk me out of riding home in the potentially dangerous weather.

I looked out the window from my work building. I didn't see a drop of rain or anything that remotely resembled scary weather. So, I left work and started my ride back home.

Along the way, I saw many a sky that looked ominous. There were real dark clouds in one direction and on the other side there was the bright sun shining in the semi-azure skies.
The streets were somewhat wet, either due to the poorly maintained sprinklers of many a business along Las Colinas Blvd, or the roads were wet because it had rained.
If you ever ride East on La Villita Blvd in Irving, watch out for the big puddles of water just before the intersection of La Villita and Colwell Blvd. These puddles can be somewhat deep and dangerous. And, if you ride in this area late in the evening, you may see a few Coyotes!
Now, I am further along on La Villita and the storm seems to be moving away from Valley Ranch. Glad there was no tornado or a thunderstorm to deal with.
Now, I am finally making it out of the Campion Trail, onto Valley Ranch Blvd. You can see the storm clouds way in the distance. Almost home!
I made it home safely.

I was a bit nervous, because I fell the last time I rode in the rain. I can't say I am that nervous if I ride a bike with fatter tires. It may be a fallacy that they slip less, but that hasn't happened to me yet, so...

BTW, storms hit Dallas pretty hard on this particular day, with tennis ball sized hail. Yikes.

We sure could use a lot more rain. It is hotter than hell here.

I am not liking the heat much. I am burning up inspite of using sunblock. This hot weather is taking a toll on me. It will be a while before cooler weather comes by. I might slow down riding my bicycle a bit. But then I won't like that either. Isn't that tricky? :)

That's all for now.

Hope all is well with my readers.

Peace :)

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