Monday, July 9, 2012

Carradice Long Flag Camper v. Brompton T-bag

It was for Independence Day 2011 that I got my Carradice Long Flag Camper bag out for my Brompton. Geez, it has been long time.
Last night, I had to carry some packages to the Post Office. One good thing about the Brompton T-bag is that it is ginormous and it can carry tons of stuff. But, the not so great part is that if you try to put medium or large USPS Priority Mail boxes in it, as they rub against the handlebar and make driving a bit hard. These boxes being a somewhat rigid object makes it a pain in the neck to carry in the T-bag. You can't bungee it to the rear rack either, because your heel will rub against it.

During such "hard times", the Carradice Long Flag Camper comes in handy. You can stick a medium USPS Priority Mail box in it and not have to worry about the handle bar hitting the box. It definitely can not. The Carradice Long Flag Camper is attached to either the loops on the Brooks saddle or the SQR block, as I have done on Brahma.
See picture below to see how I have setup my Brompton to accept the Carradice using the SQR block on Brahma.
I like the Brompton T-bag for daily commuting. It has pockets where you can organize your stuff. My keys and spare spectacles (glasses) go in the zippered pouch on the left hand side of the bag. The built-in water bottle holder is a Godsend. The T-bag is great for hauling a lot of stuff. Since the T-bag attaches the to the block on the head tube, it does not turn with the bike, unlike handlebar bags. I love the T-bag for daily use.

I guess the Carradice has a special purpose. It is very classy looking and I like looking classy sometimes. Especially on my late night trips to the Post Office, when there is minimal traffic there. Just kidding!

So, tell me: If you have a Brompton, how do you carry your drink if you don't have a T-bag? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Peace :)

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