Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hot Hero

On last Sunday afternoon, while I was shopping at Home Depot, I noticed this weird symbol on the LCD Bacpac (optional accessory for the GoPro Hero 2; sold seperately; is a LCD viewfinder).
Next, the camera beeped and turned itself off. I was a bit worried. I waited a while, then turned on the camera. It worked fine, but I was indeed a bit worried if everything was okay with the camera.

So, I wrote GoPro and I got a reply from them in about 24 hours or so, as promised. Apparently, it is a good idea to use the skeleton doors for the GoPro Hero 2, if there is no risk of exposure to water/rain.

Update for Case #318175 - "Heat warning?"Hi Chandra

'HOT' or a thermometer symbol will be displayed whenever the camera's processor gets over it's operating temperature limit of 125ยบ.

What conditions were you using the camera in?
Was it directly in the sun with the waterproof housing?

Please describe more of the situation in order for me to further assist you.

The camera does have insulation which should protect the internals of the camera. Please remove the battery and let it cool down, reformat the card and it should have no problems in the future.

Many Thanks,
E K.
GoPro Support

Update for Case #318175 - "Heat warning?"
Hey Chandra, 

Usually the camera will not overheat on a hot day, but since I'm not sure how long you  were out, and other factors, it could happen if direct sunlight is on it for an extended period.

Have you had other issues since this? The camera was not damaged, but similar to a iPhone if it is left in the sun, it will power off at a certain temperature to protect the internals of the camera.

If theres no risk of water, and its in direct sun, I would recommend using the skeleton doors (the ones with the slits) just to help it release heat that is building up inside the case.


I am very happy to hear that GoPro have a safety mechanism, which turns off the Hero 2, should it get past 125 degrees. Something to keep in mind, especially if you live in a place like North Texas, where it gets hotter than hell.

Peace :)

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