Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Keeping those hands clean

During the recent adventures with my wife's bike, I lost the last two pairs of Nitrile gloves I had in my commuter kit.

The ones I lost were complements of the nice mechanics at REI Dallas. Having gotten used to having them, I decided to buy a box of my own.

If you haven't tried using these, try 'em when you work on your bike next time. They help keep your hands clean. There are repairs which do not require you to touch the chain. But, when you have to mess with the chain, I find using these gloves a good alternative to using up the drinking water I carry to wash my hands or having to use a harsh soap to get rid of the grease. If you breakdown by the side of the road, these gloves are especially useful.

That's why I keep a pair or two in my commuter kit.

Peace :)

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