Monday, July 30, 2012


My wife found two different sizes of de Buyer branded Mineral pans on sale at Tuesday Morning. Yeah, these were on sale for a fraction of the MSRP/price at other outlets.
These pans required "seasoning" prior to use, which was a breeze. We simply followed the directions provided in the packaging.

I am so glad we got these pans. They do not use Teflon or some such material to induce non-stick. These are naturally non-stick.

I have used these pans a bunch of times so far and I love 'em. The conduct heat uniformly and nothing sticks to the pans. Cleaning the pans is a breeze as well.

One requirement is that after you wash and clean the pans, you put a coating of oil on them. Piece of cake, ya know?

Peace :)

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