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Review: Endura Luminite Jacket + Gridlock Overtrousers

My good ole' Burley cycling-specific rain jacket tore when I took a fall in November 2011. I can patch it up and still use it, for a while, yet, but it has also lost its overall waterproof-ness. I bought it back in 2005 (or so), at the Touring Cyclist in St. Louis. It was a Woman's jacket, but it fit me fine and I got a good deal on it, so I snatched it right away.

So, I broke down and bought myself a new rain jacket and a pair of rain pants, earlier this year. I contemplated if I should buy a Showers Pass Touring jacket and their rain pants, but I finally decided against them. I did not consider other brands. Instead of Showers Pass, I bought Endura.

Original tags from the purchase: I have known this type of picture alone to boost blog traffic by about 500% :)
Without further adieu, here is the Endura Luminite Jacket.
The Endura Luminite Jacket has some really nice features*:
    • 2.5L Breathable/Waterproof - fully seam sealed
    • Luminite LED Light Strip fibre optic unit with 50hr flashing run time bonded into rear of jacket providing additional safety light
    • Multiple reflective flashes around whole garment
    • Large rear pocket with storm flap
    • Zipped pit-vents with easy-grab pullers
    • Stormflap on front zipper with reflective piping trim
    • Waterproof Napoleon pocket on chest with media port
    • Cozy-touch lining on handwarmer pockets and inner collar
    • Drawcord adjustment at neck and hem. Velcro® hem adjusters

What good are rain jackets without rain pants, right? :)
Next up, the really nicely made Endura Gridlock Overtrousers.

Like the Luminite jacket, these overtrousers also have some fantastic features*:

    • Twin zip pockets, stud and zip fly
    • Extended length ankle zips
    • Popper leg length adjustment
    • Durable inner ankle panels, ankle gusset
    • Reflective elements visible through 360
    • Waterproofness: 5,000mm
    • Breathability: 5,000gms

My observations on the Luminite jacket

  1. The Luminite jacket is very well made. I love it. I particularly like the very visible neon green.
  2. The only gripe I have, if any, is that the pit zips on the Luminite jacket are a bit hard to pull. But, that might change with use.
  3. I find the built-in blinky in the Luminite jacket very useful. It might be great for someone who does not have a lot of rear red lights on his/her bike. For me, it is another rear red light. I am glad it is there, but I would not have minded not having it.
  4. The Luminite jacket is a tad warm. I don't worry about getting soaked too much, when it is warm. It is the rain during the colder months that I don't care to get drenched in. Given that, this jacket is a great one to have.
My observations on the Gridlock Trousers
  1. The trousers have many a feature that let the pants breathe. But, these are better suited for rainy and colder day. I will use these with or without rain, during winter.
  2. I am certain that the overtrousers will work fine, over any pants or shorts. In particular, I think they would be great over a pair of jeans or khakis, if you like commuting in your street clothes. Moreover, they will also keep the grime off your clothes.
  3. The Gridlock overtrousers are also great for use in field on snowy days. While snowy days are relatively scarce in my current city, I bet I can find some use for these pants, during travel, especially during long hours in the field photographing.

I am quite happy with my purchase so far.

I will post more about these products, should I find any data worth sharing.

Peace :)

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