Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: Teva Itunda

I bought my last pair of Keen sandals from REI St. Louis, back in 2004. I loved these sandals. They were my shoe of choice, except when I jogged or played Table Tennis. I rode around St. Louis, in my Keen sandals, even during parts of the winter. I needed a warm pair of thick woolen socks though. Recently, I noticed that good chunks of the sole of my Keen sandals were missing. My wife even rescued some of them from the driveway. I wasn't going to try to glue 'em back. I simply pitched those chunks.

After doing some research, I found a good deal for a pair of Teva Itunda sandals. I decided to replace my aging Keen sandals with the Itunda.
I use these sandals for commuting by bicycle to work, going for walks with my dogs PHD and MHD (strong dogs, which can pull quite hard). I am very particular about shoes. I am a warm bodied person, so it is really important for me to be comfortable in my footwear. If they are too hot, I am miserable. If papa ain't happy, nobody happy.

It is very important for me 1) not to get too warm in my sandals, and 2) not to slip and slide due to lack of traction and/or due to lack of fit.

With the Itunda, I don't slip and slide. The Itunda also feel lighter than the Keen.

The Itunda sandals feel a bit "plasticky". Hence I did not give these sandals 5 stars.

The four whitish dots/holes that you see on the heel portion of the sandal pictured below are drain holes. They drain water out of the sandals. I found these to be particularly useful when crossing little puddles or water (I haven't ventured into many a stream in Texas, yet).
I will post more about these sandals durability in the future. For now, I am a very happy camper. I am quite satisfied with the Teva Itunda sandals.

Below is a better quality picture from Teva.

Peace :)

PS. Fair disclosure: I have only used these sandals for a month as of July 2012.

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