Friday, August 31, 2012

Learning the Fundamentals is very important

My nephew is on deputation to Palo Alto for a few months. He is here to teach his extraordinary software skills to the developers at his company's HQ here. Very brilliant young man. Knows his fundamentals in Computer Science very well.

My nephew wants to ride a bicycle in Palo Alto. He called for some pointers. I referred him the BikeEd website, which has good information.

I am a big believer in learning the fundamentals right. Especially now that I know where I should have paid more attention in school :) How does that song go? "Wish I knew what I know now, when I was younger..."

While I have played around with theory during my quasi-applied years, I believe it is very important to put theory to work. Text book examples alone don't cut it for me anymore! I want my nephew to be safe and ride vesicularly, just as I attempt to do.

So, I reached out to some LCIs in Palo Alto. Lo and behold, I found at least three that were willing to give my nephew some riding lessons, in traffic, riding alongside with him and teaching him the ropes. You know - the real good instruction and insight.

My nephew has decided he is going to rent a bike from Stanford. Great idea!
Once he gets the bike, he is gonna pay one of the LCIs and take some lessons. I say great!

Oh Yes - It is important to learn the fundamentals correctly! There ain't no two ways about it.

Have a Great Labor Day weekend!

Peace :)

PS. I am a happy uncle today! I haven't had an opportunity to teach a nephew something about cycling in a long time!

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