Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Playing with Pounds - not GBP!

I have been playing with the PSI in tires of my Thorn Nomad MKII. I wanted to drop it and make the ride a bit cushy, but I suppose I dropped it too much. I got a flat, which I tried to fix.
I tried to fix the flat, but not much luck getting the patch to stick. I am getting rusty in my patching skills. Indication of using good tires and proper tire pressure for a long time or is it a skill I really suck at? I wonder :)

As I couldn't fix the flat, I popped a new tube in and the old one is hanging in the garage. I will try and fix it once more. I wonder if I need a new patch kit and some patch glue...

For a 26x2.25 tire, what is the lowest PSI you would use? I think the side wall of my Marathon Extreme HS402 says 45-60 PSI. I took a chance and went down to 35-ish.

As a result, I got a Snakebite - Dang! Ouch! Oopsy!

I am still interested in making the ride cushy by adjusting the PSI. So, it is back to more testing. I will post anything I learn, especially if it worth sharing.

That's all the news from the GreenComotion HQ for now!

Peace ;)

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