Monday, August 20, 2012

Pleasant day, great ride

It rained again yesterday and today's high was sub-100, which made for an unbelievably pleasant day in DFW. I had originally planned to ride my usual Royal Lane loop with my friend. However, my friend had to stay behind as something unexpected came up. So, I didn't leave the house until later, around noon. However, it was a sunny and very pleasant day to ride.

I went up Campion Trail and saw my friend Mr. Heron, who was patiently waiting for some breakfast. You know it is going to be a great day, when you see Mr. H.
Next, I rode by the river to see if it was still swollen. There was plenty of water flowing. The rain did some good I suppose.
The path to the riverfront where I like to hang out, to meditate, was very muddy. I got a bunch of mud on the Americano's tires and I didn't feel like risking falling down and hurting myself. So, I got out of there in a hurry. The path in the picture above less muddy just a couple of days ago.
Further up the trail, near Northwest Highway, there was a portion that was flooded. I took my chances and rode through it. The water was deeper than I had anticipated, so my feet got wet, but the mud came off the tires and the mudguards. I saw a couple of mountain bikers, walking their bikes up on the grassy ramp. Not a bad idea to do that!
 There was signs of rain everywhere. Here you can see it!
And, here too. You can see the water gushing into the pond from the other side (pictured above). This particular area is a favorite of mine, where lots of big birds congregate. Great for photographing herons and cormorants, if you are patient.
As I didn't have any place I had to be, I took a detour and rode up Riverside Boulevard, by Las Colinas Boulevard, by the spiffy condos.
Eventually, got back on the trail, just in time to meet my friend, Mr. Turtle! I stopped by to take a photo, but the visiting hours were over with. Mr. T simply went in and shut the door.
In all, I got close to 20 miles, not a long distance, but better than couch surfing. The best part was that I hardly felt it.

Hope you had a great weekend also!

Peace :)

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