Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rain - Finally!

Yes, it really rained. Yes, it really happened. It was not a dream!

It really did rain last night. While it wasn't a whole lot, given how little rain we have gotten this summer, it still wasn't too bad.

I swung by the river viewing area on the Campion Trail, near Valley Ranch, to check out the river. The river appeared swollen from the rain. However, no part of my usual ride on Campion Trail was flooded.

I wasn't sure how muddy the trail would be. So, I drove the Nomad to work today. The Nomad is my all terrain bicycle. It plows through most stuff without any difficulty. You need a good engine, that's all :)
It was not a very hot day. I took my time enjoying the scenery on the way back. The ducks seemed happy, basking in the sun. So, I decided that I would do the same and hung out with them for a short bit.
The forecast for tomorrow is a 100, Friday 102. Saturday and Sunday are forecasted to be in the 90s with a high probability of rain. If it doesn't pour all day on Sunday, I might ride with my buddy Arjun. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Peace :)

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