Friday, August 17, 2012

Ridin' in Traffic

Driving one's bicycle in traffic is not as scary as it is sometimes purported to be. I have been riding a bicycle in traffic for many years now and I am fine with it.

What can be unnerving, however, is that occasional encounter with an automobile, which can sometimes escalate to a nasty altercation. I have had my share of such interactions as well. In spite of all this, I still love riding my bike.

Summer temps in Dallas are hard on me as I may have noted before. I admire cyclists who love riding in the torrid summer weather. It is simply not my cup of tea.

Hot or not, during my various rides, including commutes to work, I see a splendid variety of enriching, amusing, intriguing and entertaining things. The whole process of interacting with other vehicles in the traffic, communicating with the other vehicle operators, negotiating, etc, can be a lot of fun.

I share with you though this post, a rather longish, but detailed video, of my ride from near my home to work. The first 3 miles of the ride has been deleted for brevity.

The video shows me riding through Las Colinas Boulevard to Tuscan to Love Drive to Royal Lane, before turning on to the little street near my work. Las Colinas Boulevard has a sizable operation of Citibank, in addition to serving as a connector street to Highway 161. So, during the rush hour and normal business hours, this street has a good amount of traffic flowing through it. Royal Lane has a lot of traffic on it, during many hours of the day. Royal Lane can be very packed during the rush hour. I have not found it hard to negotiate with other vehicles on Royal Lane or Las Colinas Boulevard. In fact, on both these streets, I take the lane and vehicles go around me, in a calm and respectable manner, almost all the time. I am not denying that there is the occasional, "I will teach you how fast my car can accelerate compared to your pathetic bicycle", type of behavior. But, we all know, that we can not let a few bad experiences spoil the fun for us. No way!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video.

Please share with me your thoughts, if you like.

Have a Great Weekend!

Peace :)

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