Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Green Sheet provides Cycling Safety Tips

At least in the USA, almost every community has its own free publication, usually weekly or a bi-weekly, which contains information about all that's happening around town.St. Louis has the publication Riverfront Times. Dallas's publication is The Green Sheet.

Guess what I found in The Green Sheet today? Cycling Safety tips. The last page was full of them.

Some of these make up the ABC Quick-Check!
There were instructions about signaling - Hooray!
A look at the entire last page.
Although controversial, there was information about being a Helmet Head! I don't mind this one bit!!
Overall, I am impressed. I am not certain how many youngsters actually read The Green Sheet, but if they browse through it and happen upon the last page, perhaps some of the goodies will sink it.

Not bad for a free publication, in my humble opinion!

Have a Great Weekend!

Peace :)

We re-purpose the past versions of The Green Sheet for lining our cats' litter boxes. Now, if I knew how and had the inclination, I could possibly compost the material from the litter box, somehow, but that might a topic for a future day/post.

I wonder if Rambo got confused by the word STOP printed on The Green Sheet. He chose not to use the litter box today :)

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