Thursday, August 9, 2012

Update: Rudy Project Guardyan Prescription Sunglasses - 2 years and going steady!

I got my Rudy Project Guardyn sunglasses, roughly 2 years ago. I use them almost everyday. They have been used for rollerskating, cycling and also for just casual non-sports related activities. I think these are by far the best pair of Sunglasses I have had, with the possible exception of my Prada pair, which I seldom use anymore, as I do not wear contacts.

My original intent was to get clear photo chromatic lenses, but then I changed my mind and chose the ones pictured here. I call the polarized pair I have, "my happy glasses". You put this pair on, everything looks so rich in color. I think these glasses have mood-enhancing properties :)
After two years of use, this pair still rocks. I am not sure I will buy another pair of Rudy Project glasses anytime soon. But, if I get a new prescription, I would like to get a set of clear lenses for the same frame, which would come in handy for night time explorations - photography, in particular.
Two year and still going steady - yeah!

If you are in the market for sunglasses, I would highly recommend Rudy Project. They are worth every penny.

Peace :)

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