Friday, September 28, 2012

Product Review: Sea To Summit Stuff Sack

I carry my tools and bike repair essentials in a stuff sack in my bike bag. Prior to coming to Texas, I always wanted to have a waterproof bag to stash my goodies. So, back in 2008, I bought an Outdoor Research stuff sack from REI, for this very purpose.

About a year ago, my old stuff sack bit the dust. The coating inside the bag started coming off, getting all over my hands every time I reached in to get something out of it. This got boring in a heartbeat and eventually got myself in trouble at home, for making the floors dirty. Now, the situation escalated from dirty hands to one of creating extra work of cleaning the floors and I decided that I would get rid of the old bag and get myself a new one.

After doing some research, I decided to get a Sea To Summit stuff sack. I have another Sea To Summit stuff sack for my sleeping bag and that has help up pretty good so far. Sea To Summit stuff sacks are waterproof.
These stuff sacks come, obviously, in different sizes. I chose the 8 Liter version, as I like having a roomy bag. It compresses very well after all and the weight difference between a 8 Liter version and a smaller one is negligible.
Now, I have my tools that I carry on my bike, organized nicely into ziplock bags and no more messy black stuff all over the floors in our home.
When all the tools are put into the new stuff sack and it is closed-up, it looks like it does in the picture below. The contents/sack can be compressed further to fit into the typical under the seat wedge type bags.
I particularly enjoy the very nice closure system in the new bag and the fact that it doesn't have that rubberized coating like the old one did. Another thing I noticed is that the new bag does not have the same musky odor as the old one did, not just because it is new. I attribute it to the newer technology.

I don't expect to have any problems with this bag. I will post about it from time to time, if there is anything new worthwhile to share.

Have a Great Weekend!

Peace :)

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