Friday, November 30, 2012


Since  my return from St. Louis, early this month, I have been busy doing other fun things; not just cycling. I am reading a couple of books, spending more time with the family, etc. My beloved wife has started riding again. We ride together, hike a bit, etc.

It is good to have multiple interests, especially for me; given, I ain't no King of nuttin'.
Below is evidence of me branching out, shall we say?
Not sure where this particular new interest will take me. But definitely, it will keep me away from a "keyboard", at least for a while.

I will post whenever I have good/fun/interesting things to share AND I will read the posts from my favorite bloggers.

Here is someone who could not just think of Physics, but also play the Bongos quite well.
Have a Great Weekend!

Paz :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Do your homework and research; or else, face the Chain Reaction

Recently, I posted about replacing the chain and the rear cogs on Brahma. I replaced the stock SRAM 7-speed chain with a SRAM PC-1071 3/32" 10-speed chain. I had some troubles with it, which included slipping of the chain on the rear cogs (though they were brand new) and the front sprocket. I also felt a few more links should be taken off that chain. I was not too thrilled with the recommendation made by REI Dallas. The chain was expensive and it did not give me the desired results. It was the wrong chain to use.

I got a second opinion from a really popular bike shop in Fort Worth. They took a couple of links off; test rode the bike and gave it an A-okay. I brought the bike back to Irving and found out that didn't do the trick either. Alas!

However, one good thing that came out of the trip to Fort Worth was that, that particular bike shop showed me that there can be differences in the size of the rollers in a 10-speed 3/32 chain and a 7-speed 3/32 chain. The rollers in the 10-speed chain are narrower. This could cause the chain to slip.

See picture below; the chain on the top is the SRAM 10-speed 3/32 PC-1071 chain. The one on the bottom is a SRAM 7-speed 3/32 chain; which I bought from Foldabikes.
So, when I got home after my trip to Fort Worth, I decided I will be really brave and put on a different chain myself.

I measured the spare chain I had bought from Foldabikes; measured it to the approximate length I desired, based on a couple of really precise photos from my buddy Fernando of The Dirty Brompton; removed the appropriate number of links, used the quick-link and put on the new SRAM 7-speed chain.

Picture below shows the proper positioning of the chain tensioner - courtesy of Fernando. The chain tensioner is optimally placed when it is approximately at a 20 degree angle from the chain stay or approximately 3" from the chain stay.

No troubles since the SRAM 7-speed chain was installed. Knock-on-wood!

Lessons Learned:

  1. Do your research, in-depth, before deciding what chain/component to buy
  2. Your LBS mechanic may not know about a speciality folding bike, such as a Brompton
  3. All 3/32" chains are not made equal
  4. Ask fellow bloggers who own a Brompton for help. I got some help from Johnny who commented on my earlier post and also lots of help from Fernando, my FB buddy Dan Lenik and a whole bunch of others from the London Brompton Club
  5. Follow your heart
Next up : Replacing the gear-indicator chain on Brahma.

Peace :)

I have slowed down my posting frequency a bit, due to a variety of reasons. I hope to push it up a notch, when I am ready.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear readers:
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family!

Paz :)

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We are planning to go out to eat at Kalachandji's in Dallas.
They have an awesome Thanksgiving meal.

Peace :)

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving.
I am planning to chill tomorrow!

Paz :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Velo aberration

I call this one velo aberration. Photo taken using my GoPro Hero II, helmet camera.
Peace :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Faux-Singapore Noodles

Dear readers,
Hope all is well with you.

I have just completed, or so I believe, another major chapter in my life. This was, unlike many of its predecessors, a very draining one. But, it is done; at least for now! I haven't had much time to cook anything new. I have only cooked the stuff I have cooked for many years.

My dear wife, on the other hand, has been an excellent care provider to the entire family. Most, if not all, of the cooking was done by her.

Recently, she made the dish pictured below. Based on improvisation of the Singapore Noodles recipe from Vegetarian Times. We used Maggi noodles (similar to Ramen) instead of rice noodles.
There were a lot of vegetables in the dish, so we didn't have to fret about eating something starchy; or so was our justification :)

Rambo still just "hanging out" and having fun as the CEC (Chief Executive Cat) of the casa!
Be Happy and Be Well!
I expect to cook more in the months to come and I will share my recipes here, as usual.

Bon appetit :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Air travel with Brahma

Just got back from a trip to St. Louis, MO, last week. I had the opportunity to take Brahma with me in the B&W case, I had gotten when I bought Brahma. I just had not gotten a chance to travel with the bike any place, since the purchase.

So, when the opportunity to go to St. Louis presented itself, I told myself that I wasn't going to rent a car; no matter what. So, I didn't.

I packed Brahma in the B&W case and checked it on Southwest Airlines. Remember - 2 free checked bags up to 50 LBS on Southwest. The bags have to conform to airline checked baggage standards, which I believe are: Length+Width+Height <= 62 inches. I had no trouble with the weigh restriction or the size restriction. I kept nothing else in the B&W case, except Brahma. I even took the saddle out; although, my saddle is on an extended seat post, which makes it unnecessary to remove the saddle from the seat post. I took it out because it was easier to pack the suitcase without the saddle in there; too cramped otherwise. I might change my mind on this in the future though. For this trip, I stuck the saddle in my T-bag and checked the T-bag.
When I reached St. Louis, my Brompton case and the T-bag arrived safely.
I want to take this moment  to thank Fernando of  The Dirty Brompton. Fernando's post showed me a very fool-proof way to let the TSA know how to open the case, without accidentally breaking it. The directions written on the B&W case, pictured below, are Fernando's original thoughts.
Thanks Fernando!

Peace :)

PS. I carried the Metallic Silver marker I used for writing the instructions on the B&W case with me to St. Louis. I needed to touch-up some of the letters, which had faded in transit. I think it is not a bad idea to do this.

Valuable Lesson!

I was reading some works of Tolstoy, while on the plane to St. Louis, early last week. I came across the following that struck a chord in me.

It may not have anything to do with cycling. But, I still want to share it with those of you who might care to know.

"Remember that there is only one important time and is Now. 
The present moment is the only time over which we have dominion. 
The most important person is always the person with whom you are, who is right before you, for who knows if you will have dealings with any other person in the future. 
The most important pursuit is making that person, the one standing at your side, happy, for that alone is the pursuit of life."

From Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy.

Peace :)


I have been extremely busy with some personal business that needed my complete attention. So, given that I haven't written here, in a long while.

I think I am back. I know I am back in DFW; but I think I mean my head is back where I like for it to be.

Pictured below: A street artist's gear that I saw on Delmar Loop in St. Louis, MO; last week. This particular chap used a bicycle to get around and played pretty good music. I chatted with him a bit; and, he noticed that I too was traveling.
I suppose we all are; in some sense.

Peace :)