Friday, November 30, 2012


Since  my return from St. Louis, early this month, I have been busy doing other fun things; not just cycling. I am reading a couple of books, spending more time with the family, etc. My beloved wife has started riding again. We ride together, hike a bit, etc.

It is good to have multiple interests, especially for me; given, I ain't no King of nuttin'.
Below is evidence of me branching out, shall we say?
Not sure where this particular new interest will take me. But definitely, it will keep me away from a "keyboard", at least for a while.

I will post whenever I have good/fun/interesting things to share AND I will read the posts from my favorite bloggers.

Here is someone who could not just think of Physics, but also play the Bongos quite well.
Have a Great Weekend!

Paz :)

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