Saturday, November 10, 2012

Faux-Singapore Noodles

Dear readers,
Hope all is well with you.

I have just completed, or so I believe, another major chapter in my life. This was, unlike many of its predecessors, a very draining one. But, it is done; at least for now! I haven't had much time to cook anything new. I have only cooked the stuff I have cooked for many years.

My dear wife, on the other hand, has been an excellent care provider to the entire family. Most, if not all, of the cooking was done by her.

Recently, she made the dish pictured below. Based on improvisation of the Singapore Noodles recipe from Vegetarian Times. We used Maggi noodles (similar to Ramen) instead of rice noodles.
There were a lot of vegetables in the dish, so we didn't have to fret about eating something starchy; or so was our justification :)

Rambo still just "hanging out" and having fun as the CEC (Chief Executive Cat) of the casa!
Be Happy and Be Well!
I expect to cook more in the months to come and I will share my recipes here, as usual.

Bon appetit :)

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