Sunday, February 17, 2013

Brahma meets Downtube

Both today and yesterday were gorgeous days in Dallas. I didn't get to ride today, as I had other things to do, around the house and such. But I met up with my friend Sho and we went on a short ride along the Campion Trail and the local canals.

Amazing azure sky, warmish 60s. Who wouldn't want to be outdoors, eh?
The Cormorants decided to bask in the sun. One good thing about where I live is that there are so many birds. I love watching these birds, especially the Cormorants. They have phenomenal fishings skills.
Another view of the path along the canal. It is very well-maintained and if you want to avoid riding the streets, this is one way to get to the Campion Trail.
Mr. Sho brought his Downtube VIII FS (Full Suspension) folder. It doesn't only look nice. It rides nice too. I have never ridden one, but I trust Sho. If he says it rides nicely, I am certain it does.
We rode to the end of the Campion Trail, over by California Crossing. After that we headed back towards our respective homes. Pictured below is Brahma at a Seven Eleven, where we stopped to fill-up our water bottles.
It was great to get out, meet a friend and share our thoughts on a wide range of topics, including cycling and life as such.

Hope your weekend was great as well.

Paz :)

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