Friday, June 21, 2013

Not riding to work much, but the I got "significant" commute Statistics

I have been commuting on MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transportation Authority) since I moved to Atlanta. Recently, we moved into our permanent residence in Roswell, GA :)

The total distance from my home to work is about 12 miles. It is a straight shot down GA-400, if one wants to drive. It may be possible to ride all the 12 miles, if someone is up to it. However, I wasn't planning riding all of the 12, even before moving to the new residence. I was planning to use multi-modal transportation; walk or cycle from home to the bus stop, ride the bus to the nearest train stop and then take the train to work; walk about 10-15 minutes, from the MARTA station to work.

I have stuck to my resolution, for the most part. In all, it takes me roughly 45 minutes or less, to get to work, using MARTA. It is so relaxing not to have to drive or worry about traffic.

I haven't been walking to the bus station or riding to the bus station, on all days, though. I have been getting a ride/lift from home to the bus. Not too much driving, but it saves my skin, from getting all sweaty and such. I am still in the process of figuring out the best bicycle route to the bus stop. I hope to start riding from home, to and fro to the bus, soon. The logistics are yet to be worked out.

I have been "diligently" logging my commute on The Clean Air Campaign's web page, since my move to Atlanta.

Here are some statistics. They are encouraging.

Trip Summary
Travel Mode UsedTripsPercentage
• Drive Alone25%
• Carpool12%
• Vanpool00%
• Bus or Train921%
• Shuttle00%
• Bicycle1536%
• Walk1331%
• No travel - compressed work week day off00%
• No travel - teleworked at home25%
Savings Summary
• Vehicle Miles Reduced is:177
• Total Pollution Reduced (in tons) is:0.09
• NOx Reduced (in grams) is:121
• VOC Reduced (in grams) is:157
• PM Reduced (in grams) is:2
• CO2 Emission Reduced (in tons) is:0.11
• Fuel & Maintenance Cost Savings is:$88*

* Based upon an estimated cost of 50 cents per mile to operate a    vehicle.

Riding in Roswell is much different than riding in DFW. More about this in a future post.

Hope all is well with y'all.

Peace :)

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