Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To Holcomb Bridge Road and Dogwood Road - Where MARTA bus comes...

Sometimes, all it takes is to get on the bike and just ride. No big planning, packing or any such a complex process is necessary.

That's exactly what I did last weekend. Just rode around my neighborhood, for the sheer joy of riding.

First, I headed out towards the Chattahoochee.
And, hung out by the river for a bit.
My next target was to ride to the intersection of Dogwood Road and Holcomb Bridge Road. Both of these roads are pretty busy, pretty much on all days. My objective was to check out the route to where I board the MARTA bus, to get to work. I would not say that riding on Dogwood was unpleasant, but with many cars driving above the legal speed limit of 35 MPH, it was not unpleasant. But, as usual, I stuck to my guns and rode sensibly and safely.

Picture below is presented to show how narrow the lanes are. There is no choice except to take the lane.
It is very difficult to walk this road. There is no shoulder and one has to walk on tall grass. I have walked this road once, so far and I wouldn't say it was a lot of fun. City of Roswell, are you listening?
Gotta be very careful on Dogwood. Lots of fast cars and hardly any wiggle room.
Here is a link to a map of the interesection of Holcomb Bride and Dogwood.

View Larger Map
Next, obligatory stop was at the Mexican Bakery at the corner of Dogwood and Holcomb. I had been wanting to go here since I saw the place the first time. It became a reality during this ride. Wow - what a treat, after a good, hard climb and an adventurous ride. I had myself a pastry and a drink of Guava juice. Yummy!
If I had proceeded further and rode to the bus stop, I would have gone to the intersection and made a left turn where the little red car is on Holcomb Bride Road. But, I did not. The hill is too steep for me and I saved the adventure for another day :)
While the picture below does not do full justice to the steepness of the hill at the intersection of Holcomb and Dogwood, here is a picture to tease your imagination.
I could not climb this hill, just yet. My Garmin registered a grade of 25+ %, but I could only take a photo of it showing 21%. The speed was 1.2 miles/hour. I was pushing Brahma up the hill :)
On the way back, I stopped at the river again, to see it intriguing beauty; the humidity makes the river look foggy and I enjoy watching it.
Obligatory Brahma shot! Brahma was here, in digital tattoo!
I think they are putting in a new bike stand.
The official entry to the Don White Memorial Park on Riverside Road, Roswell, GA!
Well, that's all for now folks. The next adventure would be to try to take my bike on the MARTA bus. I will post about that soon.

Paz :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

It is time

It is time to tune the Americano and go for a short ride. Will post about it upon completion.
Have a Great Sunday!
Peace :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The hills come alive with the Sound of Breathing

I wanted to share with y'all some photos from a short ride I went on, last weekend. One thing I underestimated, when moving to Roswell, is how hilly this area is, compared to what I am used to. I haven't taken a lot of photos yet, but here are a few that will exemplify the steep grades in my neck of the woods.

Big Hill on Martin Road # 1: There is no escaping the hills of Martin Road

Big Hill on Martin Road # 2: If you are going downhill, you can easily reach 35+ MPH here

Big Hill near the bus-stop at Holcomb Bridge and Dogwood Road: This intersection is within a feet away from where I catch the bus to get to work. On the return trip, one will have to ride up the hill on Dogwood. It is not just the hill itself that is difficult, but also the lack of any shoulder here. I may have to cross the road (where you see the white car) and walk up this hill. I haven't attempted this yet, as I am still taking baby steps.

With all these hills in my neighborhood and me being out of shape, I thought I would summarize my thoughts with an alteration of the lyrics to the famous song from Sound of Music:

My days in the hills of Roswell Have just begun, I know
A star has come out
To tell me it's time to go ride'em hills
So, I look and I wait and I listen
For the voices that urge me to stay home or drive
Yes I look and I wait and I listen
For I am out of shape Having ridden in only in Irving, Texas, recently

So, when I ride here in Roswell
The hills are alive with the Sound of Breathing
With grades that I haven't climbed in a thousand years
The hills fill my lungs with seering pain
My legs want to walk every hill they see
My heart wants to beat like the it is about to explode
My lungs wants to sigh like a donkey who has lost his voice
To cough like an old man who smokes
To change gears like that's gonna help the hills go away

But, all I can do, is breathe so heavy
I go to the hills when I am in my front yard
I know I will hear what I've heard before
My ears will be blessed with the sound of breathing
And I'll ride once more.

And, here is the original song.
Paz :)