Saturday, August 10, 2013

Americano Meets The Chattahoochee!

I have been meaning to ride my Americano, since I moved to Roswell. However, finding time to ride, given all the priorities, including managing projects at the new home, have been rather hectic and I was unable to do it until today.

So, not surprisingly, I rode the Americano down to the river; Chattahoochee river.
I stuck to the Roswell Riverwalk for the most part and took a detour once, to explore some dirt trail, along the Riverwalk. It was great to get off the normal path and I had time to take this snap.
And this one. But, I had to hurry up and get going again, as the mosquitoes were starting to eat me alive. I did not bring my bug repellent with me and believe me, I need it here more often than I have in Dallas :)
I call this picture, "Americano Meets The Chattahoochee". I still can't get over the mist at the river. I think it is marvelous.
Lots of canoe traffic on the river today. I saw at least 5 or so, in the near vicinity of the bridge. The bridge you see is part of GA 400.
Today's ride was short, but I had two specific objectives:

  1. I wanted to find out if the bike had survived the move. I found some issues, some of which I can fix on my own and some of which will require a professional bicycle mechanic. It is good that I found them, so that I can have the moving company reimburse me for these expenses.
  2. I wanted to see how the Americano faired, in the hilly area near my home. I was very pleased with the performance. In particular, I loved the way the Americano climbed. And, while descending the 26%+ hills around my neighborhood, the bike handled superbly, boosting my confidence to a very high degree.
Objectives achieved. Boy, don't I wish there were many more days when I could say this? :)

Peace :)

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