Saturday, August 3, 2013

Things you see on a bike commute

My commutes have become multi-modal. I ride my bike from the train station to work and from the bus stop to home in the evening.

I ride by the Chattahoochee river, almost everyday. On Thursday evening, I stopped and took the photos published in this post. There was something mystical about the Chattahoochee that evening. The  high humidity creates a thick cloud of mist. I see it in the mornings too, but I seldom get to take any photos, because I ride in a car in the morning. Perhaps, not forever, but for now.
Another view of the Chattahoochee. Can you spot the little duck?
Just so beautiful! If I was traveling in a car, I would likely not have this golden opportunity to stop and photograph the river, in all its glory.
The joys of cycling...

Paz :)

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