Sunday, August 11, 2013

When walking is more pleasant than cycling

There are times when cycling is simply not much fun. I seldom ride along Perimeter Center West, during rush hour, even though there is a dedicated cycle lane on Perimeter Center West, for the most part.
Look at this mess. So many cars and many of them are not going too far; may be to the next signal, at best, I can guarantee you.
This is one instance, where I draw the line and say, "Forget it. I think I will walk instead". It is easier on my body and mind, plus it does a body good to walk.

By the way, all this took place on Thursday last week, when I had to go to REI Perimeter, to get a new shifter for the SA hub installed; on Brahma. Long story short, I accidentally lost a small spring that's inside the SA IGH shifter, while trying to rectify a small issue with the shifter. The spring fell out, accidentally, and I could never find it, when it fell on the street. No worries though, because my trusted Brompton dealer, Foldabikes, sent me a replacement shifter, in record time. I called him on a Saturday and I had the new shifter delivered to me on Monday. Talk about excellent customer service!
After getting the new shifter installed, I drove my Brompton to the Sandy Springs Marta station, where I boarded the Northbound train towards Roswell. There sure were more bikes at the Sandy Springs station than my usual station - Medical Center.
Brahma patiently waiting for the train :)
Oh, I almost forgot. There is another instance, other than traffic congestion, when I prefer walking. This point is, hopefully, illustrated by the picture below. This is a fair representation of how hilly it is at Dogwood and Holcomb Bridge Road, where I board the Marta bus to work. It is quite hilly, know what I mean? No worries, though. I am working on tackling this hill someday soon :)
Paz :) 

PS. The figure above looks sorta like a step-function. Had to mention this to satisfy the inner-nerd in me and y'all :)

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