Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back to CNC

Yesterday, I felt like riding to the Chattahoochee Nature Center. And, so I did!
On the way, I stopped to watch the Chatt river and the umpteen canoes and kayaks on it.
Next, I continued on the Roswell Riverfront Trail toward CNC.  This bridge is under Roswell Road. You can see the river in the distance, perhaps. I wanted to get closer to the river and also check out some of the graffiti, but it was way too muddy to ride through. I would have lost my balance and would have had to stop on the mud, in order to avoid falling. Not a great choice, so no close-up pictures of the graffiti, yet.
Another view of the trail, under the Roswell Road bridge. I love the view here. The arch is quite lovely, I think.
Next, up, the CNC itself. The notice 'No Bicycles' does not mean you can not get to the CNC on a bicycle. Bicycling is not permitted on the protected trails.
Can you spot the Bumble Bee?
Lots of information on these boards near the entrance to the CNC.
More information about the CNC and its occupants. They have quite a variety of birds here, including Barred Owl, Red Tailed Hawk, Vulture, Turkey Vulture, etc. There is even a cute little Beaver, who is very funny.
Brahma used tantra and transformed himself into a neatly folded entity, which the officials at the CNC were delighted to see. So, Brahma and I, both, got to go inside the premises, for a chat and use of the facilities. I did not explore the CNC on this particular day, but I did over another Sunday.

Paz :)

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