Monday, October 28, 2013

Helmet Mirror - Tucked Away

Some of you, my readers, may remember my post on my helmet mirror creation. It has been two plus years since I designed mine. I am happy to report that I still love my mirror and I find it useful to have it when riding my bike.

In Atlanta, my commute is multi-modal and I actually carry my helmet, strapped to my Brompton T-Bag. One thing that I noticed was that when squeezing through tight spaces on a bus or a train, the helmet mirror touches/rubs on others or gets caught on other objects, which is not a good idea; the mirror can break or I can offend people, inadvertently.

So, I figured why not tuck away the mirror inside of the helmet. And, so I did. It has worked so far. One possible risk is that the zip-tie breaks, some point, like it did on my trip to St. Louis, in 2011. Well, I suppose if it does, it does. I carry extra zip-ties with me anyways. I will fix it :)
At least I won't be rubbing people the wrong way, eh?

Paz :)

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