Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hero on Brahma - Attempt # 1

While I like having my GoPro Hero 2 Helmet Camera mounted and ready to go, I sometimes wonder what all that extra weight does to my neck. I haven't consulted my doctor on this yet.

Anyways, I recently bought the handlebar/seatpost mount for my GoPro Camera, just so I can mount it on the handlebar once in a while, and try mounting it on my other bicycles.

As it turns out, mounting it on Brahma is not very intuitive to me. Simply because, I am afraid I will try and fold the bike accidentally with the camera still attached to the handlebar and CRACK - there goes my camera mount and/or my camera.

Also, I didn't find it very convenient to mount the camera on the left hand side of the handlebar. So, I had to mount it on the right hand side. which necessitated moving my Garmin Edge 705 GPS to the left hand side. Bit of a hassle, I say, especially given I have so gotten used to having my Garmin on the RHS.
I tried a few configurations and angles, before finally deciding that it is better to just have the camera on my helmet when I ride Brahma. So, the handlebar mount went on the Thorn Nomad MKII.
I know some of you have tried mounting these cameras elsewhere on a Brompton and other bikes. If you have any suggestions, I would love hear them. Thanks in advance.

Paz :)

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