Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vellarikkaai Pacchidi

Recently, I had the pleasure of having my brother visit us, at our new digs in Georgia. It was a very important day for me, for I seldom get to spend quality time with my brother. So, I put together a quick meal of 4 different items:

  1. Urulaikizhangu Podimaas (Potato Podimaas)
  2. Tomato Rasam
  3. Green beans Paruppu Usili
  4. Vellarikkaai Tomato Pacchidi (Cucumber Pachhidi/~Raita) (~ = approximation)
These are all items I have posted about in the past, as you can figure from hyperlinks provided for each item in the list above. 

I added diced tomatoes to my usual Vellarikkaai Pacchidi recipe and also added tons of cashews sauteed in Ghee.

The result of all the hard work was a grand feast. My lovely wife helped me present this in a very nice way.
Just to tease your tastebuds (and mine :)), here is a close-up of the Pacchidi.
Hope all is well with you.

Bon appetit' :)

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