Monday, December 2, 2013

Schlumpf Innovations + Haberstock-Mobility = Great Customer Service

In my last post, I mentioned that one of the Torx screws on the Schlumpf Speed Drive stripped and that I was going to contact Schlumpf Innovations to get a few spare Torx screws.

I contacted Schlumpf Innovations on 11/30/2013 and I did not have to wait long at all for a response. May be a few hours? Boy did Schlumpf Innovations respond at lightning speed!

Lo and behold, the inventor of the Schlumpf, Florian Schlumpf himself, personally answered my email and assured me that I will get some spare Torx screws. Below is an excerpt from Florian's email:

Good morning Chandra,
thank you for your kind message.
We will be glad to send you a few of the Torx screws. Please forward us your shipping address.
You will get it from Haberstock-Mobility in Germany, who are producing our gearing systems now.
Thanks also for your comments on Facebook and your interesting blog!

With best wishes from snowy Switzerland,


Florian Schlumpf

schlumpf innovations gmbh
Dorfstr. 10
CH-7324 Vilters / Switzerland
Phone +41 81 723 80 09
Fax +41 81 723 83 64
 Visit us at BaselWorld March/27 till April/03 2014: Hall 2.0 Booth H39
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Danke und Gruss

Florian also informed me that I will be hearing from Haberstock-Mobility, who produce the Schlumpf gearing systems. I did hear from Franz at Haberstock-Mobility, in a matter of minutes, from Florian's email.

Hi Chandra,

im Franz from haberstock mobility. I learnt the gearing system from Florian.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.

I will send you today the lost screw.

Have a good time and best regards

from cold Germany

Beste Grüße aus Lauchringen/ Best Regards

i.A. Franz Furmaniak

- Techn.Leitung Schlumpf Getriebe -

2011-03-14 Logo.wmf

Kadelburgerstrasse 10

D-79787 Lauchringen

T: +49 77 41 67 28 29

F: +49 77 41 67 28 30

Kennen Sie schon unseren "Advanced Belt Drive" ?

Drive mit ABD

I am very pleased with the really great Customer Service from both Schlumpf Innovations and Haberstock-Mobility. It is very pleasing to know that there are some people who will stand behind their products, both pre and post sales. In this case, the product was not directly sold to me by either Schlumpf Innovations or Haberstock-Mobility. In fact, I got the Schlumpf drive installed by Foldabikes. Schlumpf Innovations and Haberstock-Mobility could have told me to simply go through Foldabikes and get the issue resolved. However, they did not pass the buck!

Schlumpf Innovations and Haberstock-Mobility chose to exemplify great customer support by acting as role models.Awesome job, Schlumpf Innovations and Haberstock-Mobility. Thank you!

This is how all manufacturers should behave - stand behind their products. Alas, in this day and age of mass produced, cheaply manufactured goods, made by companies who seem to be in it for the sake of Profit Maximization only, not only is the quality of many a product questionable, but the very idea of Customer Service has become an oxymoron!

I am looking forward to receiving the Torx screws in the mail soon and replacing the stripped Torx screw on my Speed Drive. And, riding many a hill, made easy by my Schlumpf!

Paz :)

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