Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holiday Greetings from Who?

For the Holiday Season, this year, I received several cards in the post/mail; some by EMail. I was very pleasantly surprised to get one from a bicycle manufacturer. Namely, Brompton. What a nice touch.

Generally, I am averse to SPAM and marketing emails from places I buy stuff from. I opted out and have put many a nuisance marketer in the SPAM category, avoiding further emails from them.

But, I did relish the greeting card from Brompton.

Nice job, Brompton!

Peace :)

Dear Bromptoneer
As has become tradition, Brompton will be refraining from sending out paper cards this year. Instead, we prefer to share our Christmas greeting with you electronically and donate the money saved to the homeless charity we support every Christmas, St. Mungo’s.
From all of us at Brompton, we wish you a wonderful break and all the best for 2014.
Happy riding!
The Brompton Team

P.S. Feeling generous this festive period? Vote for Brompton in the upcomingEuropean Business Awards!

Please note: the Brompton office and factory will be closed for the Christmas period from the 24th December and will reopen on 2nd January.

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