Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Torx Bolts are here! Hooray!

Good News!

As mentioned in my post, here, Haberstock-Mobility mailed me the Torx bolts, in a bullet-proof envelope, by LuftPost Priority Mail. 
The package arrived around New Year's Eve. 
If you look closely at the Customs Declaration, you can see the hypothesized values of the Torx Bolts. Of course, they are of very little monetary value. I still can't figure who would swipe such a thing.

And, this time, the Torx bolts were in the zip-loc bag. Phew!
And, beautiful stamps!
I hope post (USPS, LuftPost, etc) stays around forever. Hopefully, EMail and other forms of communications will not put snail mail out of business.

Last, but not the least, thank you, Haberstock-Mobility.

Peace :)

PS. As I had already created this post, I did not give some of you a direct answer, regarding the whereabout of the new package from Haberstock-Mobility.

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