Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cold Merrell to Warm Merrell

When I moved to Atlanta, last April, I walked to work on many days, at least initially. And, I needed a good pair of shoes that I can walk in and wear at the office also. So, after doing some research, I decided to buy the Merrell Olmec shoes, with Vibram soles.
After getting the Olmecs, I waterproofed them. These shoes were awesome. They provided great grip on slippery surfaces, such as rocks, gravel, etc.
All was well, until, the temperatures went down to 40 or below. My feet felt very cold in these shoes, in spite of my Darn Tough socks and the SmartWool Merino sock liner. The biggest problem was that the Olmecs did not provide any wind protection at all; or, there was something else wrong with them.

So, I called Merrell and pointed out my issues. They sent me a shipping coupon to mail the defective pair to them. They examined it and found it to be defective as I had claimed.

And, within a week or so, Merrell replaced my defective pair with a pair I chose; an upgraded pair of Shiver Moc 2 Waterproof shoes.

I offered to pay the difference in price for the upgrade, but Merrell were gracious enough not to ask for the same.
Great Vibram soles in the new pair also and they are very grippy in snow and slush. These shoes do keep my feet warm, in temps below 40 and even when it gets down to around freezing. If it is colder than 20 degrees, I wear very heavy wool socks and my hiking boots; ASOLO's which are 10 years old, but still work great. Or, my Blundstones.
I give Merrell 2 thumbs-up for exceptional customer service.

Thank you, Merrel! Keep up the great work!!

Peace :)

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