Sunday, April 27, 2014


Since earlier this year, I have been paying particular attention to the availability of food and water for the birds that visit our backyard. The benefits are manifold (manyfold). I get to relish great birdsong with my coffee and enjoy the beauty of many a winged friend.

I have never seen a bluebird until I moved to Georgia.
But, I suppose I can't say that anymore.

What a beauty and how fortunate I am to see one right in our backyard!

Peace :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

But I miss it so much, can I change my mind?

After a 3 week abstinence, I do find it really meaningless to give up my blogging; particularly, as it pertains to three of my main interests. Cycling is in my blood, as is the love for animals. While the goodness of my writing may be debatable, it is a creative outlet for me and I miss all my online cycling buddies.
Incidentally, my children show a lot of passion for cycling, as well, as evident in the pictures in this post.
What do y'all think? Can I please come back??

Peace :)