Sunday, May 25, 2014

Helmet Mirror - Loc-Line Tubing Stress Fracture

My famous helmet mirror is showing some signs of wear and tear - repeated motion injury, to be perfectly honest. Since moving to Atlanta and commuting using a bike, the bus and the train, I have been folding the Loc-Line portion of my helmet mirror, every time I pack my helmet, while on the train or the bus and I suppose I had done it, once too many times. Recently, I noticed that one of the Loc-Line segments breaks away easy.
It wasn't difficult to pop it back in. You can see the weakest link marked in black ink.
Well, this is a minor inconvenience and I have now come to the conclusion that I shouldn't fold and tuck away the Loc-Line tubing, when I stow the helmet.

Well, at least until I find a better solution or buy me some new Loc-Line tubing.

Peace :)

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