Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Visitor in the Rhododendron plant

Before moving to Atlanta, I did not know what a Rhododendron was. We have a few of these beautiful flowering plants. As evergreens, they also make the dreary, grey days, look a little better.

Last weekend, I was tooling around in the yard and I stopped by to examine the Rhododendron in our front yard. It is then that I spotted our new visitor.
At first, I was a bit intimidated by his stinger and I thought he might want to give me a kiss with them things and so I didn't get too close to him.
But, I realized in a minute or two that he was unable to fly. I saw an ant biting him incessantly. Poor guy!
I wonder if he was drunk on the nectar. But, he just lay there for a bit, as though he wanted to sleep. Normally, if it was a moth or some such thing being attacked by ants, I would have picked the little fellow up and placed him elsewhere in the garden, where he/she might stand a fair chance of survival. But, with this guy with the stinger, I chose not to mess around and let nature do what's best for him/her. Or, like I said before, may be the little fellow just needed a break.
 And, here is a view of much of the plant. I used a Sigma wide-angle lens to take the photo below, but the ones above were taken using a Nikkor Macro lens.
Recently, I attended a seminar conducted by the Georgia Adopt-A-Stream folks, where I learned that coffee grounds (did I tell you I have a cup or two of espresso every day? :)) can be recycled as fertilizer for the Rhododendrons and Azaleas. I have read that one can trim these bushes, but I have to do a little more research before I venture into unknown territories.

Hope all is well with you.

Peace :)

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