Monday, June 30, 2014

Little pretty flowers - Part 4

In this series, I post pictures of small flowers that are around my home and my other stomping grounds. Many of them may be very familiar to many of you. If so, please bear with my eagerness to learn and share.

The fourth in this series is a little Pansy in our garden. Little, and, mighty pretty.
Not the change the topic, but if I were to consider buying another bicycle, I think I would get it in this yellow color. It is a color that is, in my opinion, bright, but not too gaudy.

Peace :)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Little pretty flowers - Part 3

In this series, I post pictures of small flowers that are around my home and my other stomping grounds. Many of them may be very familiar to many of you. If so, please bear with my eagerness to learn and share.

The third in the Little pretty flowers series is a picture of the Red Begonia flowers from our deck. My wife tells me that the leaves turn dark if left in the sun. I learn something new everyday :)
These flowers fit the bill of pretty and little. Definitely!
Pretty, from afar or up close.
So lovely!

Peace :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Little pretty flowers - Part 2

In this series, I post pictures of small flowers that are around my home and my other stomping grounds. Many of them may be very familiar to many of you. If so, please bear with my eagerness to learn and share.

The second in the Little pretty flowers series is a picture of the Snapdragon flowers from our deck.
A little bit withered may be, but sure is pretty and little.

Peace :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Little pretty flowers - Part 1

In this series, I will post pictures of small flowers that are around my home and my other stomping grounds. Many of them may be very familiar to many of you. If so, please bear with my eagerness to learn and share.

First in this series is a flower from the Begonia in our flower pot.
Love the color and the size.

Pretty by my standards.

Peace :)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Good Fences 3.0

Things can be vast and expansive in Texas. The bluish sky and the contrast of the color of the fence are worth re-posting this picture, under the Good Fences series.
Picture was taken in 2010 Fall in Sanger, Texas. Great country!

This post is linked to Good Fences.

More fences to come in the future...

Peace :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Breaking the cycle

Since February 2014, I have been walking from the bus stop to home and also walking during my lunch break at work. All said and done, I have walked roughly 40 miles/month, for a grand total of 158 months as of now. I figure walking will make use of many parts of my body which do not quite get used when cycling. Plus, I get to listen to a lot of music, especially on my longer walks. The longest distance I have walked so far, in the past four months, is 12 miles, in 4 hours.

Well, now that all the stats have been shamelessly shared, I can talk about some material addition. That said, without further adieu, here is the recent addition to the hat collection. This  will be my summer hat.
It is a Tilly Airflow hat, made in Canada. Rantwick, are you noticing my supporting of your mother land? :)
The hat is very well made and it even comes with a life-time warranty, user manual, etc. I have to see if Tilley will let me register the hat online, without getting the REI sales force to sign the Registration Card.

This hat keeps me cool in summer, especially on those long walks home, on hot and muggy summer days of Southern United States. Plus, it looks cool.
I will likely go back to my Scala fedora in the cooler months, which is also crush-able/pack-able, without losing its shape. But until then, it is Tilly Time.

Peace :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Funny name

Sure this facility has a funny name, but, as one can imagine, it can come in handy.
I have seen another named, 'Honey Bucket' in Irving, Texas. 
I think I like 'Happy Can' better. 

Will be gone soon as the final touches on the lake renovation project is completed.
But, not to worry. There are facilities at the swimming pool adjacent to lake path.

Peace :)

Monday, June 23, 2014


My old freebie trouser straps have worn out. Hence, the new addition.
Works well and is classy. 

Makes for a nice B'Day gift too :)

Peace :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014


My goodness! These guys are do fragrant and beautiful. Need to capture with my Macro lens. iPhone camera has done a good job though.
I plan to go back photograph this flower again. Even if the photographs do not turn out okay, I would have at least had a great time smelling the fragrant galore.

Peace :)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Magnificent Moth

Last weekend, I saw this beautiful moth on the floor of our deck. He/she was so well camouflaged I could hardly tell he/she was there. I didn't want any of us accidentally hurting the lovely creature. So, I picked him/her up and that's how I got my first photo, using my iPhone.
Next, I placed the guy on the deck's top rail. I recently power-washed our deck and waterproofed it and hence the beaded raindrops. When I took this photo, I looked at it on the screen and I thought it looked great, but it was only when I printed a copy of the photo, that I realized how beautiful it was. I placed the printed copy in a photo frame, with which shows wood grain and presented it to my marvelous neighbor, for for Father's Day. My neighbor has taught me a ton of things and helped me with a lot of projects, including building a pen for our dogs.

Next, I placed the little guy in the flower box on the deck. He/she seemed at ease. I left him there hoping that he/she would find where to go next.
And, he/she did. The beauty had merged with nature, the next morning. I do not actually know where he/she went, but 'merged with nature' seems like a good conclusion.

Peace :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Houndstooth Road Cyclery

Towards the end of May, I accompanied a coworker of mine, who is interested in taking up recreational cycling (and, quite possibly for transportation, in the future) to Houndstooth Road Cycles (H2RD), in Decatur, GA. The owners, Jae and Amber, are acquaintances of mine from Atlanta Streets Live and other noncompetitive cycling events.

H2RD is a boutique cycler and they sell top notch European bicycles and lots of novel accessories. The bicycles sold are meant to be used for transportation and not for racing. In fact, H2RD does not sell any racing bicycles or mountain bicycles.

When we went to the store, we were pleasantly surprised to find both Jae and Amber at the store. They helped my coworker Mr. K a lot; by talking to him about the various options and how those options compared with one another.
One thing I was very happy to hear was what Jae mentioned to Mr. K. "We do not sell a customer a bicycle on their first visit to our store. In fact, on an average our customers buy a bike on their third visit". No sales pressure! Way to go H2RD!
The bicycles at the store were all really nice ones. I was drooling at quite a few of them.
In terms of accessories, H2RD has a ton of Brooks stuff and really fancy helmets and such. They have some lovely reflective vests, which don't make you look like a construction worker. Nothing wrong with construction workers or those that dress like one, such as yours truly, but a nicer vest may look nice with nicer clothing. Well, y'all get the idea :)
I particular liked this very nice roadster. I believe it is an Irish bicycle.
Brand new Moulton. I haven't see a brand new Moulton ever. The last one I saw was an used one and that was in Fort Worth, Texas.
British Pashley Roadster 26

An overall view of about 70% of the store. You get the idea - really nice bicycles and lots of other goodies. You can see Jae in the back of the store.
Nice Tern. My buddy Jeff has one of these, but in a different color and possibly slightly different configuration.
Cycle Art!
Made in Ireland. very classy looking bicycle.
No not that Nelly!
 Sawako Furuno helmet, I reckon. Nice looking, but not my cup of tea. At least not this style.
Amber explaining utility cycling to Mr. K.
Noggin protection and stylish too.
Mission statement of H2RD. Very practical and the kinda stuff that warms my heart.
More cool helmets. May be really nice during the winter time.
I picked up a bunch of stickers and cycle pins. I suppose I can add a few more to the Element and decorate my panniers with the pins.
Sure why not?

By the way, H2RD are a Pashley dealer. If you are in the market for a nice practical bicycle, I say give them a shout. Real knowledgeable, nice folks.

Peace :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Okay fence, but intriguing sign

Not the greatest fence in the world, I agree.
But, an interesting sign, don't y'all agree?
However, having experienced Atlanta traffic, I do agree with the sign :)

This post is linked to Good Fences.

More fences to come in the future...

Peace :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Mist, so mystical.
Adds an air of intrigue and magic to the Chattahoochee.

Photographed on my commute back home using my iPhone camera.

Peace :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beating the Bots & Spammers

I don't use any word verification on my blog as I do not like them myself. I have difficulty seeing the letters and numbers that I am supposed to reproduce and often times I have had to redo the verification several times, just to get a simple comment posted on many a blog.

So, I got rid of mine a while back.

I notice, however, that I do get SPAM comments, which may be left by Bots or human Spammers.
I am glad I have GMail's SPAM engine doing its job, reasonably well. At least in this particular environment of blog comments.

Below, is a recent SPAM comment, which was never published.

I suppose the bot looked for any word related to anxiety; stress fits the bill, doesn't it? :)

Peace :)

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Scenes from Atlanta Streets Live - Unabridged Version

This post was created last year, but I am only posting it now. So, the photographs do have the iBrompton copyright.

Highlight of the day was the infamous Atlanta Streets Live festival/parade on Peachtree Street in Atlanta. I participated in this ride in 2013 Spring, with my buddy Jeff.
Here is Jeff's Tern with a crow/bird mounted on it.
I believe this is the notoriously busy Peachtree Dunwoody road. On this particular day, it was empty and cars weren't allowed on it, for a long time. May be there wasn't any automobile traffic the whole day.
Jeff and the Crow. I am reminded of Sheldon Brown and his eagle.
Lots of very nicely decorated bikes and folks. Ms. D with the Flamingo on her head.
Flamingo it is.
Crow v. Flamingo - who will win? Well, everybody wins in this ride. This wasn't a race.
And, there is the lady who lead the ride, with her famous Phoenix decor.
Street scene - Atlanta. May not be an everyday scene, but a street scene from this particular day.
Le Flamingo in motion.
The pony was a popular character as well. She had a very nice bicycle as well.
The peacock.
We rode by several landmarks in Atlanta. This museum was one of them.
Part of yours truly in this picture :)
There were may be 3 to 5 folders in the ride.
Not everybody had finders...
I can't remember what this was. May be a blue butterfly?
The beautiful Fox theater in the background.
There were several vendors at the event. REI was definitely there. I was glad to see them.
Where Shakespeare used to hangout…:)
Rain is a normal occurrence here in Atlanta. It didn't rain during the ride, but prior to the ride I believe it rained.
I haven't had an opportunity to participate in Atlanta Streets Live since last year. I kinda miss it and miss seeing some of my buddies. May be I will participate in one soon.

Peace :)